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Safety & Warnings
  • Adult supervision required 

  • Not suitable for children under 36 months 

  • Choking Hazard - Children less than 8 years old can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons 

  • Keep non-inflated balloons away from children and pets 

  • Balloons may contain other small parts that pose a choking hazard (i.e. LED light) 

  • Discard broken balloons immediately  

  • Do not inhale helium. Helium reduces and can eliminate oxygen available for breathing. Inhaling helium can result in serious personal injury or even death 

  • Do not release outdoors or near power lines. May cause power outages or damage 

  • Do not use metallic ribbon 

  • Always use with a counterweight 

  • Always use a pump to inflate. We recommend PremiumConwin, Lagenda, and Borosino inflators, but we are a little biased. 

  • A ribbon attached to a balloon could pose a choking or entanglement injury 

  • Helium Safety – If you fill your balloons with party helium, please store and handle them carefully. Only authorized adults can manage these cylinders. When inflating the balloon, always point the nozzle on the helium cylinder away from you, and double-check that it is firmly seated and fixed upright before starting to use it. 

  • Avoid High Temperature – Do not leave balloon in a high temperature environment for extended periods of time. 

  • Prima Latex balloons are made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergies. If you experience allergies, please pay attention to the symptoms and seek help immediately. 

  • Pay Attention to Ceiling – Lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces, and even static electricity can cause balloons to burst. If you plan to place the balloon on the ceiling, make sure to test it first. Avoid sharp or rough materials and edges. 




At the end of a balloon’s life, cut the end of the balloon with scissors to remove any air or gas, then dispose of it in the bin. NEVER release balloons into the environment! 

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