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  • Where can I buy Prima?
    A list of distributors who carry Prima can be found on our Where To Buy page. If your favorite distributor isn’t listed, tell them you want Prima 🤗
  • Are Prima Spheres™ and Foils valved?
    Yes! Every single one of our foils and Sphere balloons, even the air-filled size, are valved to make inflation as easy as possible.
  • What float times should I expect with Prima?
    While the actual float times vary by a number of factors – elevation, temperature, environment, etc. – based upon extensive independent testing, we are confident that Prima balloons have float times on par with (if not better than) any major balloon brand on the market.
  • Can I use Hi-Float with Prima?
    We highly recommend utilizing Hi-Float when inflating your helium balloons. Prima Balloons are perfectly compatible with Hi-Float, and its usage is proven to significantly extend the float time of your balloons.
  • Can I inflate Prima with Helium or Nitrogen?
    Absolutely! Prima Balloons are designed to be versatile and adaptable to your needs. Whether you're inflating them with helium or nitrogen, you can trust that Prima Balloons will perform exceptionally well. Their weight is carefully calibrated to suit both helium and nitrogen applications, making them ideal for a wide range of uses.
  • Will new Prima designs be coming out any time soon?
    We pride ourselves on our lightning-quick product development process. New colors and designs will be coming out constantly, so check back with us and follow us on social media to be the first to know when we come out with a new product. If you have an idea for a new balloon design, let us know!
  • What’s the connection between PremiumConwin and Prima?
    Prima Balloons is a brand created and managed by PremiumConwin, a reputable manufacturer in the balloon industry. As the manufacturer, PremiumConwin oversees the production, quality control, and distribution of Prima Balloons. This close relationship ensures that Prima Balloons maintains the highest standards of quality and consistency, providing artists with reliable and innovative balloons for their creative endeavors. By working directly with PremiumConwin, Prima Balloons can offer a diverse range of high-quality products tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of balloon artists worldwide.
  • What is Prima’s connection to the Big Balloon Build?
    PremiumConwin, and Prima by extension, is a Diamond-level sponsor of the Big Balloon Build 501(c)(3) nonprofit – providing strategic guidance, resources, and the highest levels of support to the BBB. In addition, a portion of proceeds from every single Prima balloon sold is donated the Big Balloon Build to support their mission to use the joy of balloons to help children and animals in need.
  • Are Prima balloons safe for children and pets?
    Inflated balloons are generally accepted as safe, but please keep uninflated or broken balloons away from children and pets as they do pose a choking or suffocation hazard. If a balloon does break or pop, collect and discard all pieces of the broken balloon immediately. Remember that adult supervision is always required when children, especially under the age of eight (8), play with any type or brand of balloons.
  • Are Prima balloons environmentally friendly?
    Contrary to what most people think, latex is NOT plastic – it’s a naturally occurring rubber that comes from trees and biodegrades at the same rate as an oak leaf! And since our packages are plastic-free as well, Prima is one of the most sustainable balloon brands in the world.
  • What’s the best way to dispose of Prima balloons?
    When you’re done with your balloons, pop them and throw them in your regular trash can. We recommend cutting off the tips beforehand… and please NEVER EVER release balloons into the environment!
  • What’s so bad about releasing balloons?
    In addition to littering simply being bad for the environment and a selfish act, latex balloons could pose a choking hazard to young children and pets – especially if they pop/break after you release them. Also, foil/mylar balloons contain metals that can destroy power lines if they come into contact with them – which could lead to power outages and fires.
  • What is the Party Animal program?
    Prima's Party Animals are ambassadors hand-picked to represent the brand and prove to the world that the best only use Prima. Each artist picks their own real-live animal to sponsor through sales of Prima balloons as part of the Balloon That Cares™ program.
  • Can I become a Party Animal?
    Anyone can apply or nominate their favorite balloon artist to become a Party Animal. However, there are a limited number of spots, and we can’t accept everyone... but that doesn’t mean we can’t find another way to work together!
  • Are the Party Animals paid to represent Prima?
    No, it didn’t feel honest or right to pay artists to be loyal to our brand. While we do share the love with them in the form of balloons and inflation equipment, the Party Animals are here because they love the product and feel supported by Prima to be their fabulous selves.
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